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i was doofing about with makeup earlier

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FABSPY.com - Timeline Photos | Facebook →


Hey guys, so I got featured on FABSPY.com - y’all can check out how I styled their Graffiti Print Shift Dress! I’m also in the works for something new with them soon, so keep your eyes on their Facebook page!

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I scored these heels for RM50.

heels: bershka
jeans: MNG

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I think I’ve put on some weight since the hiatus.

shirt: brands outlet
belt/pants: vintage hand me downs.

Scored these really sweet silk palazzo pants from my aunt. Wide legged, they’re super comfortable. I never thought I’d buy into the trend but I think I’m converted!

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Hey guys, 

Style And Sanity is on a temporary hiatus as we’re both dealing with some real-life things and haven’t had as much time to update. Promise we’ll be back soon, though!

- Hannah

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It’s very rare that you get Sophie and I in the same photo, since we don’t see each other very much.

Hello all, I’m sorry for the lack of updates! It’s been a very busy time, but happy new year! I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and NYE.


earrings: diva
lipstick: maybelline colorsensational in red revival


dress: h&m
shoes: h&mbag: mulberry
belt: forever 21

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FALL TREND: dark lips.
featured: Topshop in Depth

As someone with a somewhat olive/golden complexion, I never thought that dark lips would be for me. I love red lipstick but I never thought I’d be able to pull off a dark and vampy shade like this.

Topshop’s Depth is a slightly sheer lipstick with a glossy finish, however it definitely needs a liner or some kind of base as it shows off all the imperfections of the lips. It comes off as a blacked burgundy, leaning towards a very purple-violet color. In comparison to one of the other Topshop purple lipstick, this one definitely has warmer undertones. At RM46 a lipstick, it’s relatively affordable for the unique color you get.

This is a lipstick not for the faint of heart and it’s a way to add a bold touch to any everyday outfit. Above, I’m showing you the two ways I would wear it: the first look is a casual, almost grunge-y look and below is definitely a vamp/night time look.

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halloween makeup, I was stuck between the two looks!

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sweater: h&m
shorts: h&m
tights: h&m
bag: fabspy

I find that texture is an great way to break up a monochrome outfit. I’m wearing a lot of black here but it’s not boring because of the juxtaposition of lace and leather. Oh yes, obligatory Britney Spears reference here.

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